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Tim O'Brien
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-Three Asylum on the Road to Paris, Chapter Twenty-Four, Calling Home, Chapter Twenty-Five, The Way It Mostly Was.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Doc Peret describe the quiet of the village in Chapter 16?
(a) An oasis.
(b) A spa.
(c) A vacuum.
(d) A deafening roar.

2. How does Li Van Hgoc maintain constant communication with the world above him?
(a) A periscope.
(b) A series of tubes.
(c) A foot messenger.
(d) A telegraph machine.

3. What item do the men find in their search of the train in Chapter 21?
(a) Cacciato's AWOL bag.
(b) Cacciato's uniform.
(c) Cacciato's photo album.
(d) Cacciato's dog tags.

4. Which of the following names is not among the dead listed in the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) Ready Mix.
(b) Lt. Sidney Martin.
(c) Stink Harris.
(d) Frenchie Tucker.

5. What finally breaks the unnerving calm at the end of Chapter 16?
(a) A new soldier shoots himself in the foot.
(b) Cacciato and Stink Harris get in a fistfight.
(c) Rudy Chassler trips a mine.
(d) The VC finally attacks the village.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what town does Lieutenant Corson decide to cut off Cacciato in Chapter 10?

2. In Chapter 9, why does Sidney Martin send Bernie Lynn into the tunnel?

3. At what is Pederson shooting as he dies in the paddy?

4. Through what nearby country does Cacciato tell Berlin he intends to pass on his way to Paris?

5. In Chapter 14, why is Frenchie Tucker about to leave the front when he is shot?

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