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Tim O'Brien
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten, A Hole in the Road to Paris, Chapter Eleven, Fire in the Hole, Chapter Twelve, The Observation Post, Chapter Thirteen, Falling Through A Hole in the Road to Paris,Chapter Fourteen, Upon Almost Winning the Silver Star , Chapter Fifteen, Tunnel.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Li Van Hgoc maintain constant communication with the world above him?
(a) A telegraph machine.
(b) A foot messenger.
(c) A periscope.
(d) A series of tubes.

2. In Chapter 14, why is Frenchie Tucker about to leave the front when he is shot?
(a) High blood pressure.
(b) A gangrenous wound.
(c) His tour is up.
(d) Scheduled leave.

3. Why does Sidney Martin take so long to get air support after the tunnel attacks?
(a) He cannot find the radio.
(b) He cannot get a signal.
(c) He cannot find the coordinates.
(d) He does not theink air support is necessary.

4. How does Doc Peret describe the quiet of the village in Chapter 16?
(a) A spa.
(b) An oasis.
(c) A deafening roar.
(d) A vacuum.

5. Which of the following is an unofficial SOP mentioned in Chapter 4?
(a) Blowing tunnels instead of searching them.
(b) Taking local women along with the Squad.
(c) Smoking pot.
(d) Burning empty villages.

Short Answer Questions

1. What finally breaks the unnerving calm at the end of Chapter 16?

2. What item does Cacciato strew on the road to guide Third Squad?

3. Which of the following men votes to in Chapter 3 to turn back?

4. What does Cacciato leave as a booby trap for Third Squad in this chapter?

5. At what town does Lieutenant Corson decide to cut off Cacciato in Chapter 10?

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