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Tim O'Brien
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seventeen, Light at the End of the Tunnel to Paris, Chapter Eighteen, Prayers on the Road to Paris,Chapter Nineteen, The Observation Post, Chapter Twenty, Landing Zone Bravo,Chapter Twenty-One, The Railroad to Paris, Chapter Twenty-Two, Who They W.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What bit of information does Oscar Johnson not give to Cacciato during their parlay?
(a) He will starve to death in the jungle.
(b) The lieutenant will make a deal with him.
(c) He is facing a court martial.
(d) He cannot walk to Paris.

2. What action is Sarkin Aung Wan doing in Chapter 17 when Paul Berlin explains to her that they must catch Cacciato before going to Paris?
(a) Making love to him.
(b) Clipping his nails.
(c) Cooking dinner.
(d) Reading.

3. How long has Li Van Hgoc been sentenced to duty in the tunnel?
(a) 4 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 7 years.
(d) 13 years.

4. At what is Pederson shooting as he dies in the paddy?
(a) The chinook.
(b) The trees.
(c) The water.
(d) The sky.

5. How does Li Van Hgoc maintain constant communication with the world above him?
(a) A foot messenger.
(b) A periscope.
(c) A telegraph machine.
(d) A series of tubes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What words does Paul Berlin state to himself without emotion as he watches Chapter 11's air-strike?

2. Who is the first person that Doc Peret toasts in Chapter 18?

3. What finally breaks the unnerving calm at the end of Chapter 16?

4. How does Stink Harris lose his hold on Cacciato in the brush?

5. What action do the two older women continually do as they ride with Third Squad?

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