Going After Cacciato Character Descriptions

Tim O'Brien
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Paul Berlin

This character is notable for an incredibly vivid imagination.

Lt. Corson

This character is stricken with dysentery-induced exhaustion for much of the novel.

Sarkin Aung Wan

This character is a grown-up re-imagining of a teary-eyed young girl with whom another character is fixated.

Doc Peret

This character believes that most battle stress is caused by an imbalance of bile.

Stink Harris

This character kills a water-buffalo in the novel.

Eddie Lazzuti

This character's singing is well-loved by the rest of Third Squad.


This character brings a large cache of different flavors of gum to the war.

Oscar Johnson

This character instigates Third Squad's decision to murder its lieutenant.

Harold Murphy

This character is the only member of the squad to abandon the pursuit of Cacciato while still in Vietnam.

Lt. Sidney Martin

This character is murdered for insisting all tunnels be searched before being blown...

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