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Short Answer Questions

1. What sage does Kumbha claim put a curse on him in Chudala?

2. Whose ambition it is to enter heaven in his earthly form in Viswamitra?

3. What does the goddess Devi wear?

4. The storyteller in Devi concludes by saying that whoever recites this prayer of thanksgiving on _________ will find protection from evil.

5. In Viswamitra, the mightiest of the kingly race is a king named __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who comes to order Ravana to stop moving a mountain? What is his response?

2. What do the king and queen of Madurai do upon learning of the wrongs done to Kovalan in The Mispaired Anklet? What does Kannagi do?

3. Who does Viswamitra present to Harischandra as his first test?

4. What is the third test which Chudala places on her husband? What comes of it?

5. Who named Ravana? Describe his family.

6. What gods assist Nala's brother in tricking Nala? How and why?

7. What does Mahisha do upon hearing a challenge through the woods in Devi?

8. What does Harischandra do when faced with the task of killing a woman?

9. Who does Savitri discover by her husband in the forest in Savitri? What does she say to him?

10. Why do Ravana and his brothers go into seclusion? What does Ravana gain?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the character of Sankha in Valmiki. What are Sankha's incarnations? What is his principle role in the narrative?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Sandhya, Manmata, Rati, Iswara, and the setting of Manmata. Why did Brahma decide to create Sandhya and Manmata?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the desire for immortality by the asuras in Devi. What is the driving force of "evil," according to R. K. Narayan's perspective? What defines "good"?

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