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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mountain gets in Ravana's way when riding home after vanquishing his brother's lands?
(a) The Kalanag mountain.
(b) The Kailas mountain.
(c) The Kangyatse mountain.
(d) The Kapilash mountain.

2. What does Brahma grant to Ravana for his penance?
(a) Infinite knowledge.
(b) Indestructibilty.
(c) Great wealth.
(d) Three wishes.

3. Who rises into the sky and breaks the tower of Ravana's palace?
(a) Vivasvat.
(b) Vithoba.
(c) Veerabhadra.
(d) Vali.

4. To what two sons of Rama's does Valmiki pass along the Ramayana?
(a) Nimish and Timirbaran.
(b) Kusa and Lava.
(c) Thenappan and Firdaus.
(d) Wajidali and Pavanaj.

5. The one commendable thing Ravana does in his life is marry whom?
(a) Nandi.
(b) Mandodari.
(c) Hanuman.
(d) Indrajit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What messenger does Nala send to a beautiful princess in Nala?

2. What does Nala save a serpent from in Nala?

3. With whom does Kovalan have an affair with in The Mispaired Anklet?

4. Kannagi would have redemption in how many days, according to the gods in The Mispaired Anklet?

5. With what sage does Rama decide to live with in the forest as an example to his people in Valmiki?

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