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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Brahma offer to Manmata for marriage?
(a) Rufar.
(b) Tari.
(c) Tarib.
(d) Rati.

2. What form does Mahisha take to meet the goddess Devi?
(a) Human.
(b) God.
(c) Snake.
(d) Demon.

3. When the king awakens in Lavana, how long has he been asleep?
(a) 1 or 2 weeks.
(b) 1 or 2 minutes.
(c) 1 or 2 hours.
(d) 1 or 2 days.

4. What forces Lavana's family to move from their home in the magical world in Lavana?
(a) A flood.
(b) A fire.
(c) An earthquake.
(d) A famine.

5. What half-human, half-cow does Vasishta reveal in Viswamitra?
(a) Iswara.
(b) Chudala.
(c) Sabala.
(d) Shiva.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Viswamitra, the mightiest of the kingly race is a king named __________.

2. Whom do the gods decide to sent into the realm of the demon king Vrishaparva, to study as Sukracharya's pupil in Yayati?

3. How many arms does the goddess Devi have?

4. Chudala, disguised as a young male aspic, tells Sikhi-Dhvaja that he struggles because he has no ___________.

5. What demon asks the creator that he may continue to live unless a woman appears who is capable of killing him in a fight in Devi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes King Lavana to leave his home with his family in Lavana? How does he return?

2. Who does Brahma offer in marriage to Manmata? Where does he send them afterward?

3. What is King Chedi's response to his dinner invitation in the beginning of Viswamitra? How is it explained?

4. What conversation does Iswara have with Vasishta in Viswamitra?

5. What happens to Manmata's arrows when he shoots them in the beginning of Manmata?

6. Discuss the themes and plots within the story Yayati. What unites the story?

7. Describe Sikhi-Dhvaia in the beginning of Chudala. How old is he?

8. What does Chudala do in order to find her happiness? What does Sikhi-Dhvaia note about her change?

9. What does Mahisha do upon hearing a challenge through the woods in Devi?

10. How does Sabala feel about leaving Vasishta in Viswamitra? What does she do?

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