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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mahisha intends to make the goddess Devi __________.
(a) A slave.
(b) An advisor.
(c) His queen.
(d) His mistress.

2. In Viswamitra, Sabala does not want to leave her sage and asks that she be allowed to create men to ________.
(a) Marry her.
(b) Cater to her.
(c) Kill the king.
(d) Fight off the king's soldiers.

3. Lavana insists that ____________ leave to go make their own way.
(a) His youngest 3 sons.
(b) His youngest 2 sons.
(c) His eldest 3 sons.
(d) His eldest 2 sons.

4. The magician in Lavana claims to use nothing but _______ for his magic.
(a) His hands.
(b) His feet.
(c) His mind.
(d) His eyes.

5. The woman in the woods refuses to help the king unless he does what in Lavana?
(a) Answers a question.
(b) Shares a secret with her.
(c) Gives her money.
(d) Marries her.

6. At the end of Chudala, Sikhi-Dhvaja and Chudala return to their kingdom to rule in peace and happiness for how many years?
(a) 10,000.
(b) 35.
(c) 50.
(d) 100.

7. In the magical kingdom in Lavana, the king's father-in-law is _______________.
(a) A doctor.
(b) A woodcutter.
(c) A merchant.
(d) A sailor.

8. The storyteller in Devi concludes by saying that whoever recites this prayer of thanksgiving on _________ will find protection from evil.
(a) Thursday.
(b) Saturday.
(c) Friday.
(d) Wednesday.

9. What does the goddess Devi wield in each arm?
(a) A different animal.
(b) A different religious text.
(c) A different weapon.
(d) A different fruit.

10. What word refers to anger in Sanskrit?
(a) Krodha.
(b) Kuryaat.
(c) Karaalin.
(d) Kukkura.

11. What form does Mahisha take to meet the goddess Devi?
(a) God.
(b) Demon.
(c) Human.
(d) Snake.

12. What sage invites the king and his men to come in and dine with him in Viswamitra?
(a) Sabala.
(b) Chedi.
(c) Vasishta.
(d) Iswara.

13. In the story Devi, Mahisha claims that no woman has weapons other than ______________.
(a) Her eyes and her curves.
(b) Her curves and her eyes.
(c) Her eyes and her brain.
(d) Her brain and her hands.

14. What weapon of Vasishta's repels all attacks in Viswamitra?
(a) His bow.
(b) His staff.
(c) His knife.
(d) His sword.

15. What great sage is master of the Sanjivini mantra in Yayati?
(a) Devayani.
(b) Sukracharya.
(c) Kacha.
(d) Brihaspati.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Devi sever Mahisha's head in Devi?

2. When the king awakens in Lavana, how long has he been asleep?

3. Whom does Brahma offer to Manmata for marriage?

4. Who appears to Sikhi-Dhvaia and tells him that since he has achieved such spiritual enlightenment, there is no reason why he should not join in his world of unending pleasure and delight?

5. What sage does Kumbha claim put a curse on him in Chudala?

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