Gods, Demons, and Others Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What moral lesson does King Lavana learn from his encounter with a magician?

The lesson that Lavana learns from this encounter is that one cannot truly gain new perspective unless they walk in the shoes of another. Lavana essentially has an out-of-body experience and travels far from his palace and kingdom, marries a peasant woman and lives a long life as a commoner, only to return without having any time passed.

2. What causes King Lavana to leave his home with his family in Lavana? How does he return?

Things turn sour in this imagined life when the famine strikes, and he and his wife and sons must move on from their home. They encounter the hardships of hunger and fatigue, and when Lavana sets off to find food for his remaining son, the spell is broken and he awakens only a few minutes later back on his throne.

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