Objects & Places from Gods, Demons, and Others

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Mount Kailas

This is where Shiva and Pavarti live.

Fragrant Flowers

When King Dushyanta finally remembers his wife, these rain down on the assembly as the divine voice speaks out.

The Humped Bull

In the story The Mispaired Anklet, when Kovalan sets out into the marketplace to sell his wife Kannagi's gold anklet, he fails to notice that he has walked past this omen of ill tidings.

The Brahma Astra

This is the weapon that was created by the creator god. It is known as the deadliest and most powerful weapon.

Pushpak Vimana

When the demon Ravana invades his brother's city of Alakapuri, he steals this flying chariot.

Puhar and Madurai

In the story The Mispaired Anklet, husband and wife Kovalan and Kannagi live in these two towns.


This is the birthplace of Rama.

The Godavari River

This is the second longest river in India, second only...

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