Gods, Demons, and Others Character Descriptions

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This supreme God is beyond change, creation, and dissolution, and is known as the creator and father of all creatures.

The Story Teller

This figure, also known as The Pandit, is a very important part of the culture of a rural Indian village as the source of entertainment and enchantment.


This is the hero of the Ramayana and is referred to within Hinduism as the 'Maryada Purushottama.'

Viswamitra and Vasishta

This figure meditates in penance for a thousand years and emerges, and his purpose is to covet and acquire.


This is the king in the first story who is visited in his assembly hall by a wandering magician.


This figure simultaneously runs the kingdom and becomes her husband's guru in disguise while putting him through tests to discover whether he is progressing in his quest.


This is a prince who marries the...

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