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One; Lavana, Chudala and Yayati

• Lavana: To illustrate the nature of time, the Pandit tells the story of Lavana, who is the ruler of an ancient kingdom called Uttar Pandava.

• One day a stranger arrives in Lavan's kingdom, boasting that he is a magician who can perform feats the king has never before seen.

• The king looks into the magician's eyes and finds himself alone in a field with a wild black horse whom he cannot catch or tame.

• The king begins walking and continues for many days and nights until a young woman comes along, who is carrying food to her father chopping wood in the forest.

• The king begs her to take pity on him, to save him and feed him, and she refuses to do so unless he marries her.
• The king agrees to marry the woman, and the woman bears four sons.

• A great...

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