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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When are the apprentices shot?
(a) The day before they plan to rob a store.
(b) When they are trying to shoot lizards.
(c) After shooting out a window.
(d) As they sleep.

2. How do the apprentices test their sling shots?
(a) They have a child try to use them.
(b) They try to break up a fight with them.
(c) They shoot each other.
(d) They aim at birds.

3. Who wants the apprentices to steal rice?
(a) Penda.
(b) Gorgui.
(c) Dieynaba.
(d) Maggette.

4. What does Maimouna do at the end of "Epilogue"?
(a) She buries a body.
(b) She carries a child.
(c) She sings.
(d) She goes to sleep.

5. Why do Bakayoko and Lahbib step outside in "Chapter 16"?
(a) To help the group of women.
(b) To find new jobs.
(c) To talk about the negotiations.
(d) To get some fresh air.

6. How is Keita cut in "Chapter 18"?
(a) While carving.
(b) By another prisoner's knife.
(c) By barbed wire.
(d) While shaving.

7. Where do Bakayoko and N'Deye Touti meet in "Chapter 18"?
(a) The market.
(b) The union offices.
(c) The shore.
(d) N'Deye Touti's house.

8. When Bakayoko arrives in Dakar, how does he feel about the strike?
(a) That he has won it.
(b) That there is no point to striking any longer.
(c) That the strike has only begun.
(d) That the strikers need to be armed.

9. How does the narrator describe Pierrot when he first appears in "Chapter 14"?
(a) Dark.
(b) Young.
(c) Sullen.
(d) Brave.

10. What does the narrator say is the "swan song" of N'Deye Touti's youth?
(a) A song she sings at night.
(b) An etching she carries in her pocket.
(c) A letter from Bakayoko.
(d) A poem she wrote.

11. Why does Isnard believe Pierre has sided with the Africans?
(a) Because Pierre dresses like they do.
(b) He doesn't think Pierre has sided with the Africans.
(c) Because Pierre speaks their language.
(d) Because Pierre wants him to resign.

12. In "Chapter 15", what does Dejean tell the Africans the reason is for denying their requests?
(a) Because they practice polygamy.
(b) Because they are inferior.
(c) Because they are uneducated.
(d) Because they are spoiled.

13. How does Lahbib calm down Bakayoko when he learns of Gorgui's death?
(a) He sends Bakayoko on a walk.
(b) He holds Bakayoko's hand.
(c) He promises a proper burial.
(d) He gives Bakayoko a drink.

14. In "Chapter 18", what does N'Deye Touti want to know about Bakayoko?
(a) Where his family lives.
(b) When he will return to Dakar.
(c) When he will get a new job.
(d) When he will propose to her.

15. After the strike, what do many of the women do?
(a) Maintain their new power.
(b) Open up shops in the market.
(c) Begin going to school.
(d) Question the government.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Chapter 16", how does the crowd respond to the plan to march to Dakar?

2. How does N'Deye Touti feel about being a second wife?

3. How does Bakayoko learn that Beugosse switched sides to stand with the French?

4. What does N'Deye Touti call Bakayoko when he leaves in "Chapter 17"?

5. Why does Bakayoko refuse to go to Doudou's funeral?

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