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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Frenchmen visit with Isnard in "Chapter 14"?
(a) Because he wants to invest with them.
(b) Because it is a holiday.
(c) Because he has a dinner party.
(d) Because he is in legal trouble.

2. Where do Bakayoko and N'Deye Touti meet in "Chapter 18"?
(a) The union offices.
(b) N'Deye Touti's house.
(c) The shore.
(d) The market.

3. In "Chapter 15", what does Dejean tell the Africans the reason is for denying their requests?
(a) Because they are spoiled.
(b) Because they practice polygamy.
(c) Because they are uneducated.
(d) Because they are inferior.

4. Why is Isnard described as being resentful in "Epilogue"?
(a) Because he doesn't want to lose his job.
(b) Because he knows about his wife's affair.
(c) Because he was overlooked for a raise.
(d) Because he wants to be honored.

5. What does the narrator say is the "swan song" of N'Deye Touti's youth?
(a) A poem she wrote.
(b) A letter from Bakayoko.
(c) A song she sings at night.
(d) An etching she carries in her pocket.

6. In "Chapter 17", what do the business owners want to do regarding the strike?
(a) Take control of the trains.
(b) Avoid working with management.
(c) Control the strikers.
(d) Give the strikers money.

7. How does Pierre feel about Bakayoko's return?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He is excited.
(c) He is confused.
(d) He is nervous.

8. How do the apprentices make their sling shots?
(a) With train parts.
(b) With bands off of cars.
(c) With old rubber scraps.
(d) With bike tire tubes.

9. In "Chapter 18", what does N'Deye Touti want to know about Bakayoko?
(a) When he will get a new job.
(b) Where his family lives.
(c) When he will return to Dakar.
(d) When he will propose to her.

10. How do the apprentices first treat the strike?
(a) Like a vacation.
(b) Like an adventure.
(c) Like a joke.
(d) Like a problem.

11. How does Bakayoko learn that Beugosse switched sides to stand with the French?
(a) He reads about it in the newspaper.
(b) He sees Beugosse dressed as a Frenchmen.
(c) He gets a letter from Beugosse.
(d) Alioune tells him about Beugosse.

12. How do the apprentices test their sling shots?
(a) They try to break up a fight with them.
(b) They shoot each other.
(c) They aim at birds.
(d) They have a child try to use them.

13. Why is Isnard's wife shot?
(a) Because she runs outside with a gun.
(b) Because she wants to protect Isnard.
(c) Because she is robbed.
(d) Because she steals from management.

14. What role does Edouard play in the strike?
(a) He is a French dignitary.
(b) He is an African politician.
(c) He is a union negotiator.
(d) He is a management representative.

15. Who does Lahbib ask to his meeting in "Epilogue"?
(a) Union leadership.
(b) Union workers.
(c) French management.
(d) Union leadership and French management.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the strike continues, how do the apprentices feel about it?

2. In "Epilogue", what do the strikers do when they first return to work?

3. Who wants the apprentices to steal rice?

4. In "Chapter 16", what does Boubacar enjoy about the march?

5. What is the first thing the apprentices steal using their sling shots?

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