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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Bakayoko and Lahbib step outside in "Chapter 16"?
(a) To find new jobs.
(b) To help the group of women.
(c) To get some fresh air.
(d) To talk about the negotiations.

2. In "Chapter 15", what does Bakayoko tell Dejean his group's feelings toward the French are?
(a) That they are not anti-French.
(b) That they are anti-French.
(c) That they don't care about the French either way.
(d) That they respectful of the French.

3. When Bakayoko arrives in Dakar, how does he feel about the strike?
(a) That there is no point to striking any longer.
(b) That the strike has only begun.
(c) That the strikers need to be armed.
(d) That he has won it.

4. In "Chapter 16", who do Bakayoko and Lahbib talk to first?
(a) A group of women.
(b) A police officer.
(c) Bakayoko's sister.
(d) A member of the management team.

5. Why do the Frenchmen visit with Isnard in "Chapter 14"?
(a) Because he has a dinner party.
(b) Because he wants to invest with them.
(c) Because he is in legal trouble.
(d) Because it is a holiday.

6. What does N'Deye Touti do to show her support for the compound after Bakayoko leaves in "Chapter 17"?
(a) She builts a new hut by herself.
(b) She finds a military to protect them.
(c) She barters at the market.
(d) She burns her notebooks.

7. After Edouard leaves in "Chapter 15", what does Bakayoko decide to do?
(a) Meet with management by himself.
(b) Visit with the women.
(c) Meet with management in a group.
(d) Take another vacation.

8. What do the women do when Bakayoko returns?
(a) They stay inside their homes.
(b) They cook a large meal.
(c) They gather in the streets.
(d) They start a bonfire.

9. In Dakar, how are the marchers greeted by the residents?
(a) With gunfire.
(b) They aren't greeted.
(c) With fear.
(d) With a celebration.

10. How long does the general strike in "Chapter 17" last?
(a) A month.
(b) Ten days.
(c) Two months.
(d) Five days.

11. What does the crowd do when they hear the gunshots in "Epilogue"?
(a) They sing softly.
(b) They throw rocks.
(c) They fall silent.
(d) They begin to chant.

12. Why does Edouard leave during the meeting in "Chapter 15"?
(a) Because he is angry.
(b) Because he is in the wrong meeting.
(c) Because he is late for another meeting.
(d) Because he is sad.

13. Why do the people of Dakar have a difficult time understanding the speeches in "Chapter 17"?
(a) The French are yelling too loudly.
(b) Too many people are talking at once.
(c) They are in different languages.
(d) There isn't a microphone.

14. What does Bakayoko do after Penda announces her plan to march to Dakar?
(a) He has her meet with management.
(b) He tells her she is wrong.
(c) He takes her to the union offices.
(d) He tells her to put the plan in writing.

15. How does the narrator describe Pierrot when he first appears in "Chapter 14"?
(a) Sullen.
(b) Young.
(c) Dark.
(d) Brave.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Epilogue", how are the women described after the strike?

2. Why does Bakayoko refuse to go to Doudou's funeral?

3. On what day does the march to Dakar become complicated?

4. In "Chapter 17", what does Bakayoko tell Alioune to tell the people?

5. How do the French feel about Pierrot wanting to get to know the Africans better?

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