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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beaugosse do when it is suggested he take part in the delegation to meet with Dejean?
(a) He resigns from the union.
(b) He says he is proud to help.
(c) He doesn't hear the suggestion.
(d) He says he has to think about it.

2. How does Sounkare die?
(a) From hitting his head.
(b) From a gunshot.
(c) From hunger.
(d) From disease.

3. In "Chapter 1", what does Niakoro remember about the first train-workers' strike?
(a) How long it was.
(b) The week without pay.
(c) The loss it caused.
(d) How successful it was.

4. In "Chapter 3", what does Dejean tell his supervisors?
(a) That they will negotiate with the union.
(b) That they need more support at the factory.
(c) That everything is under control.
(d) That he wants to quit.

5. In "Chapter 7", how many union members are discovered to have returned to work?
(a) Four.
(b) Six.
(c) Five.
(d) Seven.

6. Why is it suggested that Beaugosse take part in the delegation to meet with Dejean?
(a) So he can meet Bakayoko.
(b) So he can increase their numbers.
(c) Because he is the best speaker.
(d) Because he is the strongest.

7. Why does Ramatoulaye decide to go to the police in "Chapter 9"?
(a) Because she wants to stop the fighting.
(b) Because she needs their help.
(c) Because she feels she has caused enough trouble.
(d) Because she thinks she can trick them.

8. In "Chapter 9", why do the women patrol the streets?
(a) As a show of support for the union.
(b) To protect the injured people in town.
(c) They don't patrol the streets.
(d) In response to the attack on the women.

9. Why does Tiemoko visit Bakayoko in "Chapter 7"?
(a) To meet a woman.
(b) To borrow a book.
(c) To loan him money.
(d) To have coffee.

10. Why are many men angry at Diara's trial?
(a) Because they dislike Diara.
(b) Because there are women there.
(c) Because they like Diara.
(d) Because they want to return to work.

11. How do Mame Sofi and the women start a fire in the village?
(a) By accidentally hitting a hut with a flaming torch.
(b) By purposefully throwing flaming torches.
(c) They don't start the fire, but are blamed for it.
(d) By trying to light a torch.

12. After killing the ram in "Chapter 6", what does Ramatoulaye remind the other women?
(a) About how to prepare ram for eating.
(b) About the importance of courage.
(c) About her family history.
(d) About how fate works.

13. Why do the women of Thies gather at Dieynaba's?
(a) They all owe her money.
(b) They are inspired by her strength.
(c) They enjoy her cooking.
(d) They are entertained by her stories.

14. What happens to Sounkare after he dies?
(a) He is buried in an unmarked grave.
(b) He is eaten by rats.
(c) He is burned.
(d) His mother collects his body.

15. What does Ad'jibid'ji first do when she goes to the strike meeting in "Chapter 1"?
(a) She sorts through the office mail.
(b) She delivers a package.
(c) She takes photographs.
(d) She listens to a speech.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Chapter 2", what do the women sell in the market the striking workers pass?

2. What does Niakoro resent about Ad'jibid'ji?

3. At the end of "Chapter 7", what does the narrator say has failed?

4. How does Beaugosse feel when he leaves N'Deye Touti in "Chapter 5"?

5. Who takes over the workers jobs when they strike in "Chapter 3"?

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