God's Bits of Wood Character Descriptions

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This character is a union hero who comes up with the plan for a general strike, which will force management to negotiate.

Niakoro, Ad'jibid'ji, Assitan

These characters are related and serve to highlight the different roles of women in the society of this novel.

Mamadou Keita

This character is a revered elder who ends up in prison.

Doudou, Lahbib

These characters are union leaders.


This character is pursued by police for killing a ram.

Mame Sofi, Houdia M'Baye, N'Deye Touti

These characters live together in a compound.


This character is an orphan who is cared for by a blind woman.


This character is known for being arrogant and self-centered. He refuses to help feed his sister.

Tiemoko, Boubacar, Bachiru

These characters are union members who participate in the strike.


This character supports the strike as a union worker, but is killed on his...

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