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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is left in charge of the Twentieth Maine when Colonel Ames is no longer available?

2. Why does the Union army retreat and create a defensive line around Chancellorsville?

3. What is Chamberlain's brother promoted to after Fredericksburg?

4. What do the Union men initially think they will encounter around Chancellorsville?

5. Why is the battle of Fredericksburg significant for the Twentieth Maine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What report does Howard unwisely choose to ignore as he waits outside Chancellorsville?

2. Why does the person in command change twice for the Confederates during the battle at Chancellorsville?

3. How does Lee plan to destroy what is left of the Union army outside of Chancellorsville once the major fighting is over?

4. How does General Barksdale defend the town of Fredericksburg itself?

5. Why is the information A.P. Hill tells Jackson about the swampland at the battle of Fredericksburg significant?

6. What happens to Lee, physically, soon after the battle at Fredericksburg?

7. What happens to Hancock's unit during the attack at Fredericksburg?

8. What is the pattern of the Union troops once the battle at Chancellorsville begins?

9. How has Hooker managed to surround Lee shortly after the battle at Fredericksburg?

10. What wounds and treatment does Jackson receive during the battle at Chancellorsville?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss at least 3 challenges an author like Shaara faces when writing historical fiction. Make sure to use at least 3 examples from "Gods and Generals" to support your position.

Essay Topic 2

Write a well-reasoned argument discussing whether or not Hancock is a good role model for young readers.

Essay Topic 3

Identify what you think is the tone for "Gods and Generals" and discuss 3 literary devices that Shaara uses to create this tone.

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