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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Jackson and his men posted when Richmond comes under attack in the early part of the war?

2. What does the governor give Chamberlain after he comes to visit?

3. Which side does Armistead decide to fight for?

4. How does Lee finally find out about how the Battle of Bull Run went?

5. Who is General John Pope?

Short Essay Questions

1. What ends up happening to John Brown after his insurrection?

2. What do Chamberlain and Sergeant Kilrain discuss during their first march to Washington?

3. How successful is Chamberlain during his hunting trip when he is first introduced in the text?

4. How does Jackson win the Second Battle of Bull Run?

5. What does Armistead tell Hancock at Mina's party?

6. How did Lee win the first battle over Richmond?

7. What happens when Lee's horse spooks after the Second Battle of Bull Run?

8. What dumb mistake does Chamberlain make that nearly gets him killed during his first battle?

9. What happens during the time when General Scott offers Lee the chance to be second in command of the union army and when Lee chooses to resign?

10. What responsibility does Lee give Jackson when Jackson comes to him seeking an assignment in Virginia's forces?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss at least 3 ways that the violence and/or battle scenes in "Gods and Generals" are gratuitously violent and why such violence takes away from the plot and/or rest of the text.

Essay Topic 2

Describe at least 3 negative aspects of having both the South and the North's viewpoint represented in "Gods and Generals" AND at least 3 positive aspects of having both the South and the North's viewpoint represented.

Essay Topic 3

Historical fiction, and "Gods and Generals" in particular, are an especially popular type of novel. Discuss at least 4 aspects of Shaara's writing style that resonates so strongly with such a large audience, citing specific examples from the text to support your thesis.

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