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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Davis order Lee to send troops after Fredericksburg?
(a) To defend Texas.
(b) To defend Georgia and the Carolinas.
(c) To spend the summer off, relaxing in Florida.
(d) To attack the White House.

2. What surprised Jackson about the swamp he left alone during the battle of Fredericksburg?
(a) It has poisonous snakes.
(b) It is frozen solid.
(c) It has a secret bridge for the soldiers to cross.
(d) It has crocodiles in it.

3. Who is left in charge of the Twentieth Maine when Colonel Ames is no longer available?
(a) The unit collapses.
(b) Chamberlain takes over.
(c) The unit takes heavy casualties because they have lost their leadership.
(d) The troops rejoice.

4. Who sends word to Lee that the Union army is crossing the river after Fredericksburg?
(a) Chamberlain.
(b) Barton.
(c) General Stuart.
(d) Washington.

5. Why does Hooker decide to have his men stop attacking around Chancellorsville?
(a) He has gone insane.
(b) He knows he is greatly outnumbered.
(c) He has lost his nerve.
(d) He wants to wait for reinforcements.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shares Sumner's concern about General Burnside's plan to cross the river.

2. Why can't Lee launch one final attack against the Union troops in Fredericksburg?

3. How many divisions does Lee leave behind to defend the hills overlooking Fredericksburg when he leaves toward Chancellorsville?

4. Why does the Union army retreat and create a defensive line around Chancellorsville?

5. Who let's Longstreet and his corps know that he will soon arrive across the Rappahannock to help with defense?

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