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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When do the armies resume fighting after the Battle of Bull Run?
(a) Fall of 1862.
(b) Spring of 1962.
(c) Spring of 1862.
(d) Fall of 1962.

2. Who does General Johnston resign to fight for?
(a) The Confederacy.
(b) Whoever offers him a bigger promotion.
(c) The Union.
(d) No one; he doesn't want any part of the war.

3. What does Major Armistead ask in a message to Hancock after Hancock meets with Hamilton?
(a) That he be sent reinforcements right away.
(b) That he be allowed to marry Hancock's daughter.
(c) That he never be contacted again.
(d) That he be invited to dinner.

4. Where does McClellan keep his army after Lee retreats?
(a) On the Antietam battlefield.
(b) In the forest, mostly for shelter.
(c) On boats on the Potomac.
(d) In residential houses in Richmond.

5. Who is Lewis Armistead?
(a) An old friend of Jackson's.
(b) An old friend of Chamberlain's.
(c) An old friend of Lee's.
(d) An old friend of Hancock's.

6. Where is Hancock posted when he is first introduced in the novel?
(a) In the frontier city of Boise, Idaho.
(b) In Mexico City.
(c) In the frontier city of Los Angeles.
(d) In Tijuana, guarding the Mexican/American border.

7. Who is General Johnston when the Civil War resumes after the Battle of Bull Run?
(a) The president of the Confederacy.
(b) Lee's personal assistant.
(c) The commander of the Confederate Army.
(d) The vice president of the Confederacy.

8. What is Hancock told will happen if Lincoln wins the election?
(a) That civil war will be avoided.
(b) That Hancock will be promoted.
(c) That civil war will break out.
(d) That he will be assassinated.

9. Who arrives as back-up for Hancock as he is guarding his charge?
(a) The U.S. infantry.
(b) Both the U.S. infantry and his friends from town.
(c) Neither his friends nor the infantry.
(d) His friends from town.

10. Who does not respond well to the news that Chamberlain has joined a regiment?
(a) The governor.
(b) All of these answers are correct.
(c) His wife.
(d) His mother.

11. What rank does Lee make Jackson when he comes seeking an appointment?
(a) Private.
(b) Colonel.
(c) Major.
(d) General.

12. Where does Lee order Jackson to get his troops before the Second Battle of Bull Run?
(a) In the Shenandoah Hills.
(b) Into the mountains of Hayes Valley.
(c) Into the creeks for safety.
(d) Between the Union army and Washington.

13. What does Hancock expect to be ordered to do after he is promoted to command of a division?
(a) Move to Washington, DC.
(b) Resign.
(c) Attack.
(d) Retreat.

14. Who delivers the request from the Secretary of War to Lee?
(a) Washington.
(b) J.E.B. Stuart.
(c) Jackson.
(d) Chamberlain.

15. Who is J.E.B. Stuart when he is first introduced.
(a) The Confederate Secretary of War.
(b) Lee's personal assistant.
(c) Lee's cavalry commander.
(d) Lee's secretary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to McClellan after he withdraws from Richmond?

2. What position does Davis first promote Lee to?

3. Who is Lieutenant Walter Taylor?

4. When does "Gods and Generals" begin?

5. How long do Hancock and his men have to wait until attacking Richmond (once they arrive into position)?

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