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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Chamberlain's job at Bowdoin College?
(a) He is just a student there.
(b) President.
(c) Vice President.
(d) Professor.

2. What happens to Johnston before he loses command of the army?
(a) He is killed.
(b) He flees in the middle of battle.
(c) He is tried for treason.
(d) He is wounded.

3. Why does Johnston come to Los Angeles when Hancock and Armistead are still there?
(a) To try to convince them to join his side.
(b) To get as far away from the fighting as possible.
(c) To try to make it in the movie industry before war breaks out.
(d) To move permanently.

4. After the first attack on Richmond, what do Lee and Davis do to see what is going on with the troops?
(a) Send out spies.
(b) Go undercover.
(c) Order field reports.
(d) Head to the front lines.

5. Who does General Johnston resign to fight for?
(a) The Confederacy.
(b) No one; he doesn't want any part of the war.
(c) The Union.
(d) Whoever offers him a bigger promotion.

6. Where is John Brown from?
(a) Michigan.
(b) Kansas.
(c) Idaho.
(d) Vermont.

7. How are Lee's hands injured?
(a) In a horse accident.
(b) He has really bad arthritis.
(c) They suffer from frostbite because he refuses to leave his troops.
(d) He is shot.

8. How does Johnston wish to defend Richmond when it comes under attack from the Union?
(a) By retreating more.
(b) By advancing more.
(c) By fleeing so his forces can attack under cover of darkness.
(d) This is a trick question; Richmond never comes under attack.

9. Where is Chamberlain nearly killed during his first battle?
(a) At the top of a hill.
(b) On horseback.
(c) In a trench.
(d) In the back of a wagon.

10. What has left Lee's wife crippled?
(a) Arthritis.
(b) A heart attack.
(c) An accident.
(d) Polio.

11. Who is Sam Houston?
(a) The governor of Texas.
(b) The mayor of the town that will later be called Houston.
(c) The mayor of Los Angeles.
(d) The governor of California.

12. When do Hancock and his men attack Richmond?
(a) In December.
(b) In May.
(c) In January.
(d) In August.

13. Where is Bowdoin College located?
(a) Maine.
(b) Michigan.
(c) Massachusetts.
(d) Maryland.

14. Who is General Twiggs?
(a) Lee's brother-in-law.
(b) Lee's commander.
(c) Lee's father-in-law.
(d) Lee's brother.

15. How does Lee finally find out about how the Battle of Bull Run went?
(a) From a conversation in a coffee shop.
(b) From a soldier departing a train.
(c) From the radio.
(d) From a telegram.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does it take Lee and his army to defeat the army that threatened Richmond from the east?

2. What animal is Chamberlain hunting when the novel opens?

3. During what war does "Gods and Generals" take place?

4. Who finally relieves McClellan of command for the last time?

5. What does Houston tell Lee when they first meet?

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