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Lesson 1 (from Part One, Chapters 1-5)


Part One, Chapters 1-5

The setting -- the physical setting, the political setting, the historical setting -- is very important for fully understanding the course of events that happens in "Gods and Generals." The objective of this lesson is to analyze the setting of the novel.


1) Focusing Exercise: Have students write for 5 minutes in response to the following prompt: "Write down at least 5 things you know about the Civil War and any questions you have." Collect their responses.

2) Class Lecture: Give the class a 15-20 minute lecture about the American Civil War, making sure to provide good context for the specific time period that "Gods and Generals" takes place in. Also make sure to address the major leaders at the time (including those featured in the novel, like Lee and Jackson) and what issue(s) divided the North and the South.

3) Small Group Discussion: Divide...

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