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Aging Sketch

Draw a sketch of what Lee and/or Hancock look like the first time the reader "sees" each in the novel and the last time the reader "sees" each in the novel.

Book Jacket Sketch

Create a new book jacket for "Gods and Generals," making sure to incorporate at least 3 symbolic items and/or events from the text on the front cover.

Character Sketch

Draw a sketch of a key character from "Gods and Generals." It can be just of their face, or of their whole body. It can be in whichever medium you choose: pencil, paint, charcoal, etc. Be prepared to present your drawing to the class.

Characters in the Future

Imagine that it is now 10 years in the future (from when the story ended). Keeping in mind that your information should be historically accurate, describe what 2 characters (of your choosing) from the novel are...

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