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Part One, Chapters 1-5

• Chapter 1: Lee is introduced as a colonel in the U.S. Army, coming home on leave and reflecting on how much time he has spent over the years away from his family and the people he loves.

• Chapter 2: Jackson is introduced as an awkward professor at the Virginia Military Academy. The reader learns his newborn daughter has just died.

• Chapter 3: During a hunting trip, Chamberlain is introduced as he reflects on his life as an academic instead of as a soldier.

• Chapter 4: Lee is summoned to report to the Secretary of War to quell the uprising of John Brown, a slave who has holed up in an armory with a couple dozen other men.

• Chapter 5: Jackson hears of Brown's capture and trial; Brown is hung and, as Jackson watches, he prays for his soul.

Part One, Chapters 6-10

• Chapter 6: Captain Hancock is introduced in...

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