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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Deric short for?
(a) Godricantus.
(b) Dericandicus.
(c) Gudericus.
(d) Ramderic.

2. Legend has it that _____ drained the old Wash to plow and had buried treasure there.
(a) Caesar.
(b) Alexander the Great.
(c) Atilla the Hun.
(d) Octavian.

3. Who do people say has scored Godric's body?
(a) Godric himself.
(b) The Devil.
(c) Ailred.
(d) Cuthbert.

4. What do the monks call their abode?
(a) The Lighthouse.
(b) The Sanctum.
(c) Heaven's Gate.
(d) The Loft.

5. Were doe Aedwen and Godric ship out from on their way to Rome?
(a) Cornwall.
(b) Narbonne.
(c) Dover.
(d) Newcastle.

6. What is Henry Second called?
(a) Regent's advisor.
(b) The Terrible.
(c) Becket's bane.
(d) The Righteous.

7. What does Aedwen give the Roman with the crooked back in order to show her and Godric the holy sites of Rome?
(a) A silver amulet.
(b) A gold piece.
(c) A copper brooch.
(d) A miniature bronze statue.

8. Jacob labored seven years to win the fair _____.
(a) Rachel.
(b) Mary.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Laban.

9. What does Roger Mouse smell like when he puts his arm around Godric when they are on the Saint Esprit?
(a) Gardenias.
(b) Grass.
(c) Cabbage.
(d) Onions.

10. Who is Godric afraid will be a threat to his sister at sea if she goes with him when he leaves home again?
(a) Venetian rogues.
(b) Roger Mouse.
(c) Pirates.
(d) Tuscan raiders.

11. Who does Godric think of as the Wear threatens to flood?
(a) His father in his grave.
(b) Noah.
(c) St. Peter.
(d) Gilgamesh.

12. What does Aedwen say has turned Godric's Saxon brain when he tries to tell her of the maid he sees in the woods?
(a) Romish figs.
(b) Yellow lettuce.
(c) Forest mushrooms.
(d) Ventian wine.

13. Who kicked Godric's father in the groin before he died?
(a) A grey cob.
(b) William.
(c) A white stallion.
(d) Burcwen.

14. What is the parting gift Burcwen gives to Godric when he leaves home?
(a) A leather bag.
(b) A whittled cross.
(c) A polished river rock.
(d) Some dried squirrel.

15. In Godric's dreams, a sack of _____ is on his father's knee.
(a) Apples.
(b) Onions.
(c) Potatoes.
(d) Rocks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Falkes de Granvill threaten Godric with "in he ever catches him cozening his lord"?

2. The pictish king is sitting on a rock picking his teeth with the bone of a _____ when Ailred meets him.

3. Where is the pictish king from?

4. Which occupation in Godric's time worked with wax seal contracts and bargains?

5. What is Peregrine Small's occupation?

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