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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 100 - 120.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cuthbert tell Godric that a man leaves behind when he leaves home?
(a) A piece of his memory.
(b) His values.
(c) A scrap of his heart.
(d) His identity.

2. The pictish king is sitting on a rock picking his teeth with the bone of a _____ when Ailred meets him.
(a) Weasel.
(b) Codfish.
(c) Hawk.
(d) Rat.

3. What ailment does Ailred have that vexes Godric constantly?
(a) Allergies.
(b) A cough.
(c) A sour stomach.
(d) Gout.

4. Where is the pictish king from?
(a) Dublin.
(b) Avalon.
(c) Galloway.
(d) Edinburgh.

5. Godric decides that Roger Mouse's sins smacked less of evil than of _____.
(a) Laziness.
(b) Addiction.
(c) Boorishness.
(d) Larkishness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Godric sees himself as mocking his followers with his _____.

2. Where does Godric bury his wealth?

3. Who do people say has scored Godric's body?

4. What is Peregrine Small's occupation?

5. Legend has it that _____ drained the old Wash to plow and had buried treasure there.

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