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Wear - This is the river which flows near Godric's hermitage.

Finchale - This is the name of the woods in which Godric's hermitage is located.

Durham - This is where Godric travels occasionally to attend Mass.

Walpole - This is the town in which Godric was born.

Jerusalem - This is, according to Godric, the holiest city in the world.

Bishop's Lynn - This is the site of the riot between Jews and Christians which takes Peregine Small's life.

Farne - This is an island where Godric hides his fortune and also has mystical significance to him. For a period of time, he receives a vision of Saint Cuthbert.

Rome - This is the center of Christianity and the city where Godric and his mother travel to in hopes of freeing Aedlward from Purgatory.

Saint Esprit - This is the ship Godric and Roger Mouse use...

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