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This is the river which flows near Godric's hermitage.


This is the name of the woods in which Godric's hermitage is located.


This is where Godric travels occasionally to attend Mass.


This is the town in which Godric was born.


This is, according to Godric, the holiest city in the world.

Bishop's Lynn

This is the site of the riot between Jews and Christians which takes Peregine Small's life.


This is an island where Godric hides his fortune and also has mystical significance to him. For a period of time, he receives a vision of Saint Cuthbert.


This is the center of Christianity and the city where Godric and his mother travel to in hopes of freeing Aedlward from Purgatory.

Saint Esprit

This is the ship Godric and Roger Mouse use in their sailing business.

Saint Giles

This is the church...

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