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Lesson 1 (from Pages 3 - 22)


Pages 3 - 22

The author's writing style is exaggerated and poetic. This lesson is on his use of alliteration in Godric.


1) Class Discussion: What is alliteration? What is the effect of the alliteration in the opening paragraph of the book? Is it an effective way to introduce the author's style? Why or why not?

2) Journal: How does the author describe the dismissal of his playfellows, Tune and Fairweather? How does he use alliteration here?

3) In-class Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph on the alliteration used in the Godric's recollection of Roger Mouse. Where in the sentence structure does the alliteration occur? Why? How does this impact the reader in getting the idea of Roger Mouse's antics across?

4) Group Discussion: Recite some of the alliteration in the book. How does it sound to the ear? Is it more effective being read aloud, or just twisting on the tongue...

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