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Short Story

Write a short story fleshing out the adventures of Godric and Roger Mouse. Use dialogue and choose a style that facilitates the story-telling.


Draw a picture of the fish that Godric catches when he is saved by Burcwen based on the description given by the author. Label the different parts of the fish with the imagery used by the author to describe them.

Cross Culture

The monks give Godric's followers crosses plaited out of straw. Plait some sort of shape out of straw or scraps of fabric.

King Will's Will

Research King William of the eleventh century. Compare this history with that of Godric's account of him in the book.


Turn Godric's encounter with Elric into a parable. What is the moral of this tale? What does each man learn from the other?

Map Trap

Draw a map of the Wear River, labeling the...

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