Godric Character Descriptions

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This person is the main character and was born in Walpole, England to a peasant family in the 11th century.


This person decides to join a convent and become a nun.


This person is a monk assigned to research and write a biography of the main character.


This person is the main character's mother.


This person is characterized by his excessive talkativeness, a trait which most people find annoying.

Roger Mouse

This person partners with the main character in a sailing enterprise.


This person is the main character's father.

Falkes de Grenvill

This person is a wealthy corrupt baron who employs the main character as his steward.

Bishop Flambard

This person is Lord Chancellor and gives the main character a piece of land in Finchale.


This person is an eccentric hermit whom the main character lives with and learns from for...

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