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Chapter Abstracts

* "Of Godric, his friends, and Reginald": Godric recalls the five friends throughout his life.

* Two are snakes named Tune and Fairweather.

* Next is the now-deceased Roger Mouse who was a sailor and adventurer.

* Godric hopes God excused Roger's sins, since they did not come from an evil heart, but rather from a carefree, joyful soul.

* Ailred is the abbot at a nearby monastery whom Godric believes to be a living saint.

* Ailred once confronted a wicked king, renowned for brutality and sadism, and miraculously converted him to Christianity.

* For the rest of his life, the king renounced his sins and lived according to the Christian faith.

* Ailred sends Reginald to gather testimony for Godric's biography.

* Godric does not think he lives a life worthy of recording; he sincerely believes he is a woeful sinner.

* Godric tries to discourage Reginald by recounting some of the worse moments...

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