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Short Answer Questions

1. Does Margery deny she has vengeful ex-lovers?

2. At two-thirty am, Roger is in bed and what has happened to Margery?

3. Margery is on the phone, talking to whom?

4. What does Spenser learn from the Boston Police Department?

5. Spenser tells the cop on duty at the drive that he's going to be gone for awhile and to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens the next day when Spenser goes to Vic's home?

2. What does Spenser learn at the Harbor Health Club?

3. How does Dr. Croft act initially when Spenser meets with him?

4. What does Spenser learn about Maguire's death?

5. What happens when Spenser follows Vic to a motel?

6. What does Spenser tell Healy?

7. How does Spenser find the Bartletts when he returns?

8. What happens when Spenser arrives at the Bartletts' home?

9. How does Margery respond when Spenser asks if they know anyone who might be mad at them?

10. What does Margery request of Spenser? What is his response?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the story, clues are gathered regarding Kevin's apparent kidnapping.

Part 1) How does Spenser gather clues? Is it all by skill or is luck involved? Explain.

Part 2) How do the beliefs about this kidnapping change as clues are gathered?

Part 3) What clues and events foreshadow the truth about Kevin's disappearance?

Essay Topic 2

Margery and Roger Bartlett hire Spenser to find their missing son, Kevin.

Part 1) Why do you believe this couple went to a private investigator? How might this case turned out if it had only been the police on this case?

Part 2) Describe Spenser. Is he a good investigator? Why or why not?

Part 3) How does he go about finding Kevin? How does the author show Spenser's investigative process?

Essay Topic 3

Dr. Croft is hanged by his necktie.

Part 1) Why does this murder occur?

Part 2) How does his inability to keep quiet lead to this?

Part 3) What does this reveal about Trask? How does it help end the mysteries of this case?

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