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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Spenser doesn't back down from Vic, what happens?
(a) Vic runs into the house.
(b) Vic backs off.
(c) Vic runs for the woods and Spenser shoots at him.
(d) Vic jumps from the porch and Spenser pulls his gun.

2. What is the reason Roger believes Kevin ran away?
(a) He hates his parents.
(b) He is in an adolescent phase.
(c) He is bored.
(d) He is afraid of his mother.

3. Spenser says he will not assess their parenting skills, but needs what?
(a) To leave.
(b) To tell them they are horrible parents.
(c) Information in order to find their son.
(d) He is glad they are not his parents.

4. What does Spenser learn about Vic Harroway?
(a) He is about thirty.
(b) He is about forty.
(c) He is about fifty.
(d) He is about twenty.

5. When Healy lifts the lid of the box, what does he find?
(a) Kevin.
(b) A dummy.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A guinea pig.

6. Does Spenser think Kevin is still nearby?
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) Probably not.
(d) Maybe.

7. How is Spenser unlike the police?
(a) He has better things to do.
(b) He can devote all his time looking for Kevin.
(c) He has no training.
(d) He does not care about Kevin.

8. What does Healy tell Spenser they have to do?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Think.
(c) Work.
(d) Argue.

9. Why does the police chief not trust Spenser?
(a) He used to work with him.
(b) He knows Spenser was fired from the AG's office.
(c) He knows nothing about Spenser.
(d) They grew up together.

10. With what does Spenser begin the following day?
(a) A forty-minute pilates class.
(b) A forty-minute shower.
(c) A forty-minute swim in the Charles.
(d) A forty-minute jog along the Charles.

11. Where does Dolly go after emerging again from the house?
(a) To the pool.
(b) To the car.
(c) To the swingset.
(d) To the treehouse.

12. What does the driver of this vehicle do?
(a) He drives by quickly.
(b) He grabs Margery and the backpack.
(c) He drives slowly past Margery.
(d) He slows and grabs the backpack from Margery.

13. When Susan arrives, he realizes that the name "Silverman" means what?
(a) She is a silversmith.
(b) She is probably Jewish.
(c) She has changed her name.
(d) She likes silver.

14. At dinner, of what does Susan assure Spenser?
(a) She does like silver.
(b) She is not a silversmith.
(c) She did not change her name.
(d) She is not Orthodox.

15. Who are Spenser's potential clients?
(a) The Baileys.
(b) The Burtons.
(c) The Bartletts.
(d) The Bartons.

Short Answer Questions

1. Margery continues to cry and Maguire suggests that they do what to calm her down?

2. What is in the carport producing a steady whine?

3. What is the Labrador's name?

4. What does this girl do when she starts toward the house and sees Spenser?

5. On the morning of the pickup, Spenser watches as Margery does what?

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