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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chatpers 11 through 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can Spenser not take off his white linen sport coat?
(a) It is too cold outside to go without a coat.
(b) He is only wearing a tee shirt underneath his coat.
(c) He is sweating too much.
(d) The gun at his waist would be very conspicuous in Smithfield.

2. What is the one thing that Kevin took from home?
(a) Money.
(b) A guinea pig.
(c) A photograph.
(d) His lucky penny.

3. Why does the police chief not trust Spenser?
(a) He used to work with him.
(b) He knows nothing about Spenser.
(c) He knows Spenser was fired from the AG's office.
(d) They grew up together.

4. Why does he make this comparison?
(a) You have to try many maneuvers until you get the right one.
(b) You have to step on some toes to be victorious.
(c) You keep returning the ball until someone makes a mistake.
(d) You have to knock people down to win.

5. When Spenser asks if anyone was home when Kevin got the guinea pig, how does Margery react?
(a) Angrily.
(b) Anxiously.
(c) Defensively.
(d) Happily.

Short Answer Questions

1. In a fit of temper, what does Spenser do?

2. The item in the package has no signs of trauma, so what does this mean?

3. What does the driver do after passing Spenser?

4. When Healy lifts the lid of the box, what does he find?

5. Who spends a lot of time watching television?

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