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Smithfield - This is where Spenser goes to begin his search for the missing boy.

Apple Knoll - This is the subdivision where the Bartletts live.

Marlborough Street - This is where Spenser's apartment is located in Boston.

Smithfield Junior High School - This is where Kevin was a student until going into high school, and where he and Vic put the hearse with the coffin after the ransom demand.

Boston Police Department - Located on Berkley Street, this is where Spenser goes in search of any police record of Vic Harroway but finds no previous arrests on file.

Punkin - This is the Labrador retriever owned by the Bartletts.

Race's Faces - This is the photography studio where Spenser goes as he is searching for Vic Harroway.

The Odds' End - This is a gay bar where Spenser goes in search of Vic Harroway.

136 Park Drive...

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