God Save the Child Character Descriptions

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Spenser - This is the detective hired by Roger and Margery Bartlett to find their son, Kevin, who they believe has run away.

Chief George Trask - This is the head of the local police force.

Kevin Bartlett - This character is the teenage boy who runs away from home.

Roger Bartlett - This character is Kevin's father.

Margery Bartlett - This character is Kevin's mother.

Deliliah Bartlett - This character tells Spenser that her mother is not telling the truth about the threatening phone call.

Susan Silverman - This character is the guidance counselor at Smithfield High School.

Vic Harroway - This character is a friend of Kevin's.

Earl Maguire - This character is Roger Bartlett's attorney.

Lieutenant Healy - This character is the chief investigator for the Essex County District Attorney's office.

Ray Croft - This character is a physician in Smithfield.

Race Witherspoon -...

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