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Chapters 1 and 2

• Margery and Roger Bartlett's teenage son, Kevin, is missing, and the Smithfield Police haven't been able to find him.

• Spenser questions them about Kevin, and both parents become upset and begin bickering.

• The Bartletts continue to disagree about whether or not Kevin is a normal adolescent or one in need of therapy.

• Spenser sticks his fingers in his ears and waits until they stop the argument.
• He will not assess their parenting skills, but he needs information in order to find their son.

• Roger says that "it's only money" and writes Spenser a five hundred dollar check.

• Spenser puts it in his pocket as if he gets checks for that amount all the time.

• Spenser will go to Smithfield to talk to police, the school, and look over the neighborhood.
• Spenser arrives in Smithfield that afternoon, takes note of a neat town and the Bartletts' house...

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