Daily Lessons for Teaching The God of Small Things

Arundhati Roy
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Objective: Chapter 1, Paradise Pickles and Preserves The objective of this lesson is understanding how Arundhati Roy makes readers feel the depth of a tragedy, without telling the reader what actually happened.

1. Discuss as a class how the reader receives glimpses of the past mixed with views of the present, just as if one were reading Rahel's mind. Give examples of thought flows that are interrupted and disconnected. How do memories jump back and forth in the narrative? As Arundhati Roy gives an initial introduction to the main characters, how do you know there is a secret tragedy in the past?

2. Answer in 2-3 paragraphs: How does Estha's deep silence seem to be a reflection of some very deep pain and suffering? How has he withdrawn from the world? How does Rahel seem like a character no one can understand and no one can reach?

3. This chapter also...

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