The God of Small Things Character Descriptions

Arundhati Roy
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Aleyooty Ammachi - This character's portrait hangs prominently in the Ayemenem House.

Baba - This character is a violent alcoholic who emigrates to Australia.

Reverend E. John Ipe - This character is known as Punnyan Kunju, or "Little Blessed One."

Joe - This character dies in a car accident.

Ammu - This character has a secret affair with tragic results.

Baby Kochamma (Navomi Ipe) - This character is an insecure, selfish, and vindictive person.

Chacko - This character is a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.

Estha - This character becomes mute at some point during childhood.

Mammachi (Shoshamma Ipe) - This character begins the pickle factory and runs it successfully.

Margaret Kochamma - This character is from a strict, working-class London family.

Pappachi (Shri Benaan John Ipe) - This character is an "Imperial Entomologist" under British rule.

Rahel Kochamma - This character moves to Washington, D.C...

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