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Short Answer Questions

1. How was one way Indians tried to preserve their rights in Chapter 1?

2. In Chapter 5, the discussion states that there are many differences between what two religions?

3. During the 1960's protests, why were the Indians angry?

4. Why were the Gallup Indians upset with the town?

5. During the 1960's, what made the American people realize that there were still a large number of American Indians in the United States?

Short Essay Questions

1. Was it a good thing that Americans began to take more interest in the American Indians in the late 1960's? Why?

2. What are the differences between Christianity's belief in a Supreme Being and that of Indian religions?

3. Why did a group of Mohawk Indians block the Canadian border at Cornwall Bridge?

4. How do Indians view creation?

5. Name some of the cultures Deloria compares when describing a Supreme Being.

6. What did the explosion of New Age culture, numerology, astrology, martial arts, shamanism and witchcraft have in common according to Deloria?

7. What did Deloria and a radio talk show host find so funny and why?

8. Explain the use of the term "Grandfather" in Indian cultures.

9. Why did the National Indian Youth Council publish a pamphlet titled, "When Our Grandfathers Had Guns?"

10. Discuss the term "Vanishing Americans."

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Deloria describes several Indian methods of recording events. Discuss at least three examples from the boo,k citing how or why these methods were or were not successful. Describe another method the Indians might have used for a calendar that was not mentioned in "God is Red."

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Indian and Christian creation beliefs. Explain your answers by providing several examples from the book and Christian religion.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the beliefs and lifestyle of the Amish people. Why does Deloria claim the Indians honor them above other Christians? How do you believe the Amish customs would benefit or hinder American culture today? Provide several examples from the book.

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