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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The pope and Billy Graham believe that the revival of demonism, devil worship, astrological and numerological sciences are the devil's work. How does Deloria view these forms or worship?
(a) Indian experimentation.
(b) Not devil worship.
(c) People just having fun.
(d) Curiosity among teenagers.

2. According to Deloria, what was a repercussion of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act?
(a) No answer is correct.
(b) Christian riots were held in protest.
(c) It made other religions want their own act.
(d) It created problems when referred to in litigation regarding construction projects and federal land management.

3. Indians also believe human beings are an integral part of the natural world. How does Deloria explain what happens to the bodies upon their death?
(a) Join the Great Spirit.
(b) Turn to dust that nourishes the plants and animals that fed them during their lifetime.
(c) Turn to dust and blow away.
(d) Disappear.

4. According to Deloria, in tribal communities a person is judged as useful or useless by his or her ___________________________.
(a) Family status.
(b) Hunting abilities.
(c) Degree of participation in the community.
(d) Appearance.

5. Why have many people returned to the reservation according to Deloria?
(a) To be healed from ailments.
(b) To lean rain dances.
(c) They missed their families.
(d) To attend new universities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Almost universally, Deloria claims tribal religions produced people ___________________.

2. By Deloria's definition in Chapter 16, what is the most familiar type of sacred land?

3. The title of Chapter Ten is "___________ and Religion."

4. In Chapter 10, Deloria claims the Spanish would have a priest standing by to baptize a fetus after killing its mother and before killing it. Why would they feel a baptism was necessary?

5. Deloria believes that the distinction between the immortality of the soul and the Christian ideal of the resurrection of the dead is best described as which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare religion and politics from a Christian and an Indian point of view.

2. Why does Deloria believe sacred places are important?

3. In the book, "God is Red," what advantages are attributed to the establishment of reservations.

4. What theme is repeated throughout the few chapters, if not the book? (Pertaining to God and individuals.)

5. Deloria states that Christianity is not wrong, but that if there ever is an internal collapse in Christian doctrine, what will be there?

6. Name a second type of sacred land.

7. What ceremony did the federal government ban in the 1890's?

8. Explain the Indian philosophy of salvation and personal judgment.

9. Deloria claims modern people often returned to the reservations. What is his reason for saying this?

10. What did "God is Red" list as a disadvantage of the reservations in terms of religion?

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