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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Deloria believe caused science to pierce the veil of nature?
(a) Space shuttles.
(b) Bunson burners.
(c) Modern medicine.
(d) The atomic bomb.

2. The majority of Indian religions, claims Deloria, refuse to think of a supreme being how?
(a) During the day.
(b) At all.
(c) Anthropomorphically.
(d) As an animal.

3. How does Chapter 1 claim the Indians were treated by many of the gold rush miners?
(a) Fairly.
(b) Most were friendly.
(c) Many were killed.
(d) Ignored.

4. When was the BIA ordered to find areas for the California Indians to reside?
(a) During the Great Depression.
(b) During the Civil Rights Movement.
(c) During WWII.
(d) During WWI.

5. Although tribal religions do believe in creation, Deloria states they do not believe in which of the following?
(a) Importance of sin.
(b) Rights of trees.
(c) Fall from grace.
(d) No answer is correct.

6. Why do some Americans object to the term "Native Americans"?
(a) Some people object to everything.
(b) They believe anyone born in the United States is a native American.
(c) The title "American Indian" is politically correct.
(d) The word "native" bears a negative connotation.

7. Deloria believes that historically, in regards to a Supreme Being, humans have transferred their own personality traits onto the deity. This statement is made to support his description of the Christian God as what?
(a) Evil.
(b) Forgiving.
(c) Unstable.
(d) Lazy.

8. On what issue was the 1968 protest?
(a) Government assessing tolls for crossing a bridge.
(b) Farming rights along borderlines.
(c) The boundary line between two territories.
(d) A new Indian curfew.

9. Chapter 1 says that many people believed Indian settlements were located where?
(a) Places for teenagers to party.
(b) Becoming extinct.
(c) Sitting atop valuable resources, such as oil and minerals.
(d) Sacred and forbidden to tourists.

10. In Chapter 3, "The Religious Challenge," what incident is being discussed?
(a) Peaceful co-existence between Indians and Whites.
(b) Wounded Knee.
(c) Ceremonial Indian affairs.
(d) The ransacking of a federal building.

11. Deloria believes Christian theologians have failed to explain how ___________________.
(a) Creation evolved.
(b) Adam came to exist.
(c) Evil can exist in a perfect world.
(d) Sin is perceived.

12. Until the 1970's, why did the term "vanishing Americans" refer to American Indians?
(a) Most believed they were extinct.
(b) They all moved to Canada.
(c) Most of them had died.
(d) There were not any at Wal Mart.

13. Deloria explains that many Christian religions believe God exists how?
(a) Only inside churches.
(b) In human form.
(c) No answer is correct.
(d) Only in America.

14. How did large groups of whites defile Indian burial grounds?
(a) Robbing the graves.
(b) Posting offensive posters.
(c) Painting the tombstones.
(d) Burning the area.

15. According to Chapter 3, when was there rampant interest in American Indian traditions?
(a) 1990's.
(b) 1970's.
(c) 1950's.
(d) 1920's.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Bible says Adam and Eve were made how?

2. What is the purpose of the American Indian Religious Freedom Resolution?

3. How did Deloria believe American Indians were treated?

4. Chapter 7, "The Spatial Problem of History," addresses the spatial issues involved with which of the following?

5. Chapter 8, "Origin of Religio n," states which of the following regarding the origin of religion?

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