God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Discuss the term "Vanishing Americans."

Vanishing Americans referred to American Indians prior to the 1960's because until then, most Americans believed the majority of tribes had been killed. The public became more aware of their presence when Indian protests broke out in the late 1960's.

2. Why did the Indians begin protesting in the 1960's?

The Indians began protesting in the 1960's because many century year old treaties were not being honored. Thus, the Indians were at risk of losing the natural resources that had been granted to them. For example, fishing rights in the Great Lakes, timber in forests, etc.

3. the 1860's, how did the American Indian suffer at the hand of federal bureaucrats?

During the 1860's, the Indians suffered at the hand of federal bureaucrats because of the Gold Rush in California. Once gold was discovered, the miners wanted to remove the Indians from their territory so the gold could be mined. The Bureau of Indian Affairs was instructed to find other areas of California for the Indians to live.

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