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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1-4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the 1960's, what made the American people realize that there were still a large number of American Indians in the United States?
(a) Many Indians moved to the city.
(b) Indian protests.
(c) More movies about Indians were made.
(d) It was on the Internet.

2. Name one reason mentioned in Chapter 4 that tribal religions hold a place sacred.
(a) Their beliefs and experiences are based on relationships with other living things.
(b) They practice magic there.
(c) No answer is correct.
(d) They love the land.

3. Chapter 4 discusses the fact that liberals tend to ___________________________.
(a) Vote democratic.
(b) Vote republican.
(c) Support Indian causes.
(d) Be more sympathetic to mankind.

4. How did large groups of whites defile Indian burial grounds?
(a) Burning the area.
(b) Posting offensive posters.
(c) Painting the tombstones.
(d) Robbing the graves.

5. During the 1960's protests, why were the Indians angry?
(a) They had no place to live.
(b) Casinos were closed.
(c) 100 year old treaties were being violated.
(d) Their population was decreasing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Until the 1970's, why did the term "vanishing Americans" refer to American Indians?

2. What is the purpose of the American Indian Religious Freedom Resolution?

3. How were the Indians arrested at the 1968 protest punished?

4. Chapter 1 explains that the Indians revere their dead and believe their burial grounds to be _________.

5. In Chapter 2, Deloria claims Indians were stereotyped into two categories prior to the incident at _______________.

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