Daily Lessons for Teaching God Is Red: A Native View of Religion

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Deloria claims that up until 1890, Indians were an important part of domestic affairs in the U. S. However, from the 1890's through the 1960's, American Indians became known as "Vanishing Americans." Although token Indians were always present at holidays, most Americans believed the majority of tribes had been killed. This lesson will explore the idea of "vanishing Americans" and "token Indians."

1) Class Discussion: Ask the class to discuss the history of American Indians between the 1890's and the late 1960's, as it pertains to how they became "vanishing Americans." What part did the Indians play in U.S. history prior to, during, and after this period? How did the general population view the Indians during this time period? Why were "token Indians" necessary at some holiday celebrations?

2) Individual Activity: Write a one page essay explaining what Deloria meant by the term "token" Indian. Support your answer...

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