God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Vine Deloria, Jr. - This person was a respected historian and theologian whose life was devoted to the causes of the American Indian and education. This character also wrote more than twenty books.

Jesus - From the time of birth, this person was considered the child of God. The life mission of this character was to teach people about God and His loving ways.

Reverend Harvey Cox - This individual, the liberal guru of Boston, was a Civil Rights era minister and writer who protested on behalf of the Indians.

Oral Roberts - This person was a televangelist who told followers God instructed him/her to raise ten million dollars.

Paul Tillich - This person was a philosopher and author of Systematic Theology.

Billy Graham - This individual was a highly respected Christian minister who served many presidents as a spiritual adviser.

Crazy Horse - This person...

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