God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-4

• Deloria states that from the 1890's through the1960's, few Americans had knowledge about the American Indian.
• 1968 was the first of several Indian protests against the government for unfair treatment and failure to honor prior treaties.
• The American Indian Religious Freedom Resolution protect the religious and ceremonial rites of Indians.
• Deloria claims that prior to Wounded Knee, Indians were typically stereotyped into two categories: warlike savages and wise elders sitting around a camp fire.
• Deloria believes the Civil Rights Movement brought attention to the American Indians and consequently many books were written on Indian culture and religion.
• Deloria attributes the 1970's as an era that saw a rampant increase in interest in Indian beliefs and customs.
• Deloria states Indian beliefs and experiences are based on their relationships with other living beings.
• According to Deloria, tribal religions are not defined with accepted doctrine and temporal concepts.

Chapters 5-9

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