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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lewis contends that Corineous intends to treat Christianity in what way?
(a) As an inferior religion.
(b) As a provable fact.
(c) As the only valid faith.
(d) As only a myth.

2. Which of the following is NOT one of the criticisms that Lewis lays against the common English person in Part I Essay 10, "Christian Apologetics"?
(a) They distrust ancient texts.
(b) They know little about history.
(c) They have no sense of sin.
(d) They are intellectually dishonest.

3. According to Lewis, how much of Jesus' life is recorded?
(a) Not enough.
(b) Nine years.
(c) Only about two months.
(d) His entire life.

4. Lewis states that sound value theories demand what of a definition of evil?
(a) It is a perversion of good.
(b) It is syntactically identical to good.
(c) It is lacking everything that goodness has.
(d) It is the opposite of good.

5. In Part I, Essay 1, "Evil and God", Lewis contends what about evil?
(a) It extends throughout human history.
(b) It is preventable.
(c) It has increased over the last few centuries.
(d) It is unstoppable.

6. What belief has had the biggest effect on the decrease in reports of miracles?
(a) Dualism.
(b) Agnosticism.
(c) Atheism.
(d) Materialism.

7. What mistake does Lewis claim that Pittenger made in critiquing his books?
(a) He left out key arguments.
(b) He was uninformed on the subject matter.
(c) He didn't factor in the intended audience.
(d) He misinterpreted the scripture.

8. Lewis contends that real change in a person occurs in what way?
(a) With external behaviors.
(b) Slowly and usually not at all.
(c) In their place in the community.
(d) With internal thoughts and feelings.

9. The philosopher that Lewis responds to in Part I, Essay 23, "Must Our Image of God Go?" uses a metaphor that compares Jesus to which of the following?
(a) A doorway.
(b) A window.
(c) A sign.
(d) A vessel.

10. The terms prayer books often use to describe personal feelings would best be described as which of the following?
(a) Deep.
(b) Sensitive.
(c) Harsh.
(d) Loving.

11. What element of Christianity does Lewis specifically cite as seeming absurd to scientific thought?
(a) The resurrection.
(b) God having a son.
(c) Miraculous healing.
(d) The holy spirit descending to the world.

12. Which of the following is one of the options that Joad believed rational persons must choose from?
(a) Universalism.
(b) Monotheism.
(c) Athiesm.
(d) Moral relativism.

13. Why should the Gospels not be considered legend?
(a) Their authenticity has been proved beyond a doubt.
(b) They are too short.
(c) They are historical documents.
(d) They are not artistic enough.

14. Lewis believes that faith cannot be based solely on which of the following?
(a) Prayer.
(b) Introspection.
(c) A sense of the divine.
(d) Philosophy.

15. How is Christianity transmitted?
(a) Through personal revelation.
(b) Through a calling all people feel to the bible.
(c) Through teaching and outreach.
(d) Through cultural enforcement.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lewis believes that the laws of nature are NOT which of the following?

2. What belief does Lewis reject in Part I, Essay 1, "Evil and God"?

3. How does Lewis view the laws of the universe?

4. What was the audience for the lecture transcribe in Part I, Essay 10, "Christian Apologetics"?

5. The philosopher that Lewis responds to in Part I, Essay 23, "Must Our Image of God Go?" holds what position?

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