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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Essays 19 - 23, What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?, The Pains of Animals, Is Theism Important?, Rejoinder to Dr Pittenger, Must Our Image of God Go?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lewis believe the state of the argument between himself and Joan the subject of human pain to be?
(a) Joad has bested him.
(b) He is correct but Joad will not admit it.
(c) They are at an impasse.
(d) They are in agreement.

2. Why are Christians sometimes hesitant to "witness" to those they care about?
(a) They are afraid of their beliefs being questioned.
(b) They are unsure of the doctrine behind their beliefs.
(c) They know how much that person could accept.
(d) They don't think that person deserves to be saved.

3. What role does dogma play in a religion, according to Lewis?
(a) It ties its identity together.
(b) It suppresses dissent.
(c) It prevents free thought.
(d) It helps to propagate it.

4. Which of the following is one word Lewis uses to describe religions that he views to be true?
(a) Fluid.
(b) Thick.
(c) Tough.
(d) Light.

5. What was Lewis' intent in his original writings about the pain of animals?
(a) To rebut arguments against God's existence.
(b) To prove the superiority of mankind.
(c) To respond to a personal letter not meant for publication.
(d) To provide a simple framework for discussion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lewis suggest that higher animals might be able to achieve immortality?

2. What does Lewis believe about the importance of experience?

3. What does Lewis cite as being an important part of the intellectual challenge of faith?

4. One of the options that Joad believed rational persons were forced to choose from is most like what world religion?

5. What types of matters did the member's of Lewis' club discuss?

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