God Help the Child Character Descriptions

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This person is a high yellow black woman who gives birth to a very dark-skinned daughter to whom she does not show affection.

Lula Ann Bridewell (Bride)

This person is a blue-black skinned woman who has made herself a successful, respected and desired businesswoman.

Booker Starbern

This person is a musician whose ten-year-old brother was killed when this character was eight, with the result that this character has been trying to keep his own grief alive at the expense of his own living relationships.


This person is a white woman with long blond dreadlocks. She is a regional manager at a cosmetics business.

Rain (Raisin)

This person is a young girl who was abused by her mother’s clients before she left the house and lived on the street. She was then picked up by a couple who took care of her.


This person is a...

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