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Short Answer Questions

1. When first breaking in a new Idaho, what does Leto determine?

2. What do the investigators include, as laid out in their report, concerning the Fish Speakers?

3. What does Leto conceal from Moneo about Siona?

4. Which of the Sisters is the true leader of the Sister's order?

5. According to the newly uncovered journals, how long ago was Leto born?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the first conversation to take place between Leto and Nayla, what does Leto demand of Nayla?

2. After her meeting with Kobat, how does Siona summarize what she learned in the meeting

3. Who is Iyo Kobat and why was he banished from Arrakis?

4. Why does Leto hold his first interview with the new Idaho in the darkened crypt?

5. What does the investigators' report indicate about the Museum Fremen?

6. How has Leto kept peace for the 3,000 years of his reign?

7. What is Leto's prediction about Chenoeh's future?

8. In her letter writing directly to Leto, what does Nayla beg from Leto?

9. Why does Leto insist that Chenoeh record his words about tyranny precisely?

10. What does Guild data suggest about Siona?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leto holds many different and sometimes controversial ideas. Describe Leto's reasoning and the actions he takes because of his beliefs on the following statements:

a. Male armies are dangerous.

b. Ixians are the criminals of science.

c. Death is any creature's most profound experience.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Idaho's personality, beliefs, and loyalties at the following points in the story.

a. When the new Idaho is first introduced to Leto.

b. When Idaho learns of Leto's impending marriage to Noree.

c. When Siona shares the cryptic volumes with Idaho in the Tuono Village.

d. After Leto has been killed.

Essay Topic 3

Leto employs Moneo as his most trusted aide, yet Moneo's daughter is the head of the rebellion opposing Leto.

a. Compare and contrast Moneo and Siona, in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, rebellious streaks, and testing by Leto.

b. Compare and contrast Leto's relationship with both characters.

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