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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Idaho, the Fish Speakers are not an army. What are they?
(a) A police force.
(b) Security consultants.
(c) Instigators.
(d) A hit squad.

2. When Leto and Siona finally come to a stop in the middle of the desert, how far have they traveled in four hours?
(a) Forty miles.
(b) Sixty miles.
(c) Forty kilometers.
(d) Sixty kilometers.

3. When Idaho declares to Leto that he doesn't belong, how does Leto respond?
(a) Leto assures Idaho that Leto needs Idaho's wits.
(b) Leto assures Idaho that Idaho's time will come soon.
(c) Leto assures Idaho that Idaho's tactical skills are crucial to Leto's survival.
(d) Leto confirms that Idaho is unnecessary to Leto's plans.

4. What does Siona learn from the effect of the weather pattern on Leto?
(a) Siona learns how to warn Idaho.
(b) Siona learns how to trick Leto.
(c) Siona learns how to survive the test.
(d) Siona learns how to undo Leto.

5. Why do Idahos suffer from "Since Syndrome"?
(a) Idahos have to be reprogrammed each time.
(b) Idahos are inbred.
(c) Idahos never forget.
(d) Idahos never remember the past.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nayla inform Moneo of during their meeting at the Citadel?

2. Where is the wedding of Leto and Noree originally scheduled to take place?

3. After storming out of Moneo's room, who does Idaho encounter in the hallway?

4. Laying awake one night, Leto realizes he must take a safari journey. Where must Leto go?

5. As Moneo and Leto are alone in the Citadel going over wedding arrangements, what about Leto awes Moneo?

Short Essay Questions

1. On his way to meet Siona, Leto travels in the central Sareer. What does he do on the way to his meeting?

2. What does Ampre, the Ixian Director of Outfederation Affairs, believe about Leto?

3. What is it about Noree that frightens Leto?

4. As Leto tests Siona, he knows his actions appear cruel from a human standpoint. In Leto's opinion, what have humans always overlooked?

5. Why did Noree survive at her embassy when her staff was killed, as well as the Face Dancers who were at the embassy?

6. Leto is enraged when the attack outside the Ixian Embassy happens. What send Leto into his rage?

7. Why does Leto neglect to mention to Noree that he is ordering a replacement Idaho?

8. Why does Leto love dumping his body onto the sand?

9. As Siona is beginning to undergo her crisis in the desert, what does Leto want her to know as awareness dawns on Siona?

10. While together in Leto's small audience room, Leto tells Noree about how the Ixians once considered making a hunter-seeker type of weapon with a self-improving machine mind. According to Leto, what is the danger inherent with that idea?

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