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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Leto, what is any creature's most profound experience?
(a) Longing.
(b) Childbirth.
(c) Death.
(d) Marriage.

2. As Leto and Siona stand on the balcony during their first meeting, what is Leto encouraged by?
(a) Siona's strength.
(b) Siona's courage.
(c) Siona's fear.
(d) Siona's doubts.

3. During Noree's discussion with Leto regarding Leto's coming death and the new way of life that will reign, Noree smiles at Leto and says that women can make decisions. What decision does Noree make?
(a) Noree will kill Siona.
(b) Noree will wed Leto.
(c) Noree will harbor rebels.
(d) Noree will flee Onn.

4. When talking with Idaho at the Citadel about Leto, what does Moneo compare Leto's moods to?
(a) A forest.
(b) An ocean.
(c) A valley.
(d) A river.

5. What does Leto learn from the Tleilaxu in regard to the Ixians?
(a) The Ixians are planning to attack Onn.
(b) The Ixians are close to producing a clone.
(c) The Ixians have kidnapped Siona.
(d) The Ixians are recalling Noree.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the midst of Idaho's rants and anger while talking to Moneo in the underground corridor, what does Moneo tell Idaho to do?

2. How does Leto travel to his first meeting with Siona since her banishment?

3. Who is Norma Cenva?

4. What does Nayla inform Moneo of during their meeting at the Citadel?

5. According to Idaho, the Fish Speakers are not an army. What are they?

Short Essay Questions

1. Leto is enraged when the attack outside the Ixian Embassy happens. What send Leto into his rage?

2. When Idaho and Siona are in the Goygoa, Idaho asks Siona why she hates Leto so much. What is Siona's response?

3. As Siona is beginning to undergo her crisis in the desert, what does Leto want her to know as awareness dawns on Siona?

4. What does Ampre, the Ixian Director of Outfederation Affairs, believe about Leto?

5. Noree believes the prohibition against space travel is intended to keep people out of trouble, but Leto disagrees. Why does Leto continue to prohibition against space travel?

6. Why does Leto love dumping his body onto the sand?

7. What is it about Noree that frightens Leto?

8. While together in Leto's small audience room, Leto tells Noree about how the Ixians once considered making a hunter-seeker type of weapon with a self-improving machine mind. According to Leto, what is the danger inherent with that idea?

9. According to Moneo, why is this Idaho more foolish than the previous Idahos?

10. According to Leto, when do laws and prisons only work?

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