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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Siona questions Leto in the desert about her special place in the breeding program, what matters according to Leto?
(a) Desire, doubt, and accuracy.
(b) Honesty, data, and desire.
(c) Desire, data, and doubts.
(d) Desire, accuracy, and honesty.

2. When Idaho declares to Leto that he doesn't belong, how does Leto respond?
(a) Leto assures Idaho that Leto needs Idaho's wits.
(b) Leto assures Idaho that Idaho's tactical skills are crucial to Leto's survival.
(c) Leto assures Idaho that Idaho's time will come soon.
(d) Leto confirms that Idaho is unnecessary to Leto's plans.

3. As Leto and Siona stand on the balcony during their first meeting, who does Leto realize Siona resembles?
(a) Harq al-Ada.
(b) Ghanima.
(c) Nayla.
(d) Noree.

4. What happens in the desert after Siona tastes the spice?
(a) Night falls.
(b) It begins to rain.
(c) It begins to snow.
(d) A windstorm begins.

5. As Leto and Siona stand on the balcony during their first meeting, what is Leto encouraged by?
(a) Siona's doubts.
(b) Siona's strength.
(c) Siona's fear.
(d) Siona's courage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Inmeir?

2. In Leto's mind, what is Leto accomplishing through his grand plan?

3. According to what Leto shares with Noree, how many deaths will Leto die?

4. How long does it take the Tleilaxu to produce replacement Idahos?

5. According to Leto, what is any creature's most profound experience?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Idaho storms out of Moneo's room and away from Moneo and Noree, what does Moneo tell Noree?

2. On his way to meet Siona, Leto travels in the central Sareer. What does he do on the way to his meeting?

3. As Leto tests Siona, he knows his actions appear cruel from a human standpoint. In Leto's opinion, what have humans always overlooked?

4. According to Leto, when do laws and prisons only work?

5. What does Ampre, the Ixian Director of Outfederation Affairs, believe about Leto?

6. As Siona is recovering from the spice in the desert, Leto probes the future. What does Leto learn?

7. Why does Leto love dumping his body onto the sand?

8. Leto is enraged when the attack outside the Ixian Embassy happens. What send Leto into his rage?

9. What is it about Noree that frightens Leto?

10. Why does Leto neglect to mention to Noree that he is ordering a replacement Idaho?

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